Friday, March 2, 2012

Freelancing & Experiments

Hello World

 Finally found some time to update my blog. I've started freelancing a week ago and got some brainwrecking commisions/requests, sadly not all got back to me but that's part of it too, waiting.
Poor F5 button got smashed like never before, checking gmail hundreds times a day...
So I'd like to shout it off the rooftops here aswell :


tell your friends, co-workers, taxi driver, butcher, baby.. everybody ~
I will be looking for a new appartement and the plan is to live off freelancing only. yeah I know, it's the starving artist tale all over again, but I think with a little help from everyone, I would be able to get enough clients to move before august..

 so enough blabidblabla, more paintings.

I've been sketching and experimenting quite alot again recently, so alot of weird shit ahead..
Some tests for the new CFSL exposition : Absinthe. 

 Some other good news, I was accepted to show 6 of my works in their upcomming Artbook wich is the sixth and ofcourse best of the series. haha

I hope you'll enjoy


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