Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Break & Roadtrip

I've been off the grid for a while , havent painted anything special these last few weeks. I have been travelling a bit and inspired myself as much as possible , scribbling in my pocket SB and trying my hand at photography again. Gonna get me some good acrylics to get back into traditionnal medium.. we'll see how that turns out.. haha.

So here are a few digital sketches I've done these last days and some very old ones

^ Business card for my parents B&B Entre 2 Pays ^

So I was taking it easy and went on a roadtrip with me friend Yannick near Dunkirk, France. Lots of history, and great spots to shoot some nice pictures. I'd recommand it to anyone who likes to do some hiking to go walk along the dunes of Wissant.


And for those who are interested to see more, I've made a
 second Blog & Flickr account wich can be found here :

- to be continued -


Shoki said...

Epic sky in that first picture, it feels like a storm has just passed.

I'm always in awe with your colour choices and find each one unique and perfect for the subject matter, thank you for sharing these!

You're in CFSL book 6?! That is great news, I have book 1-3 but as soon as I have money I'll be looking forward to getting 6!

Jordi Bjørg Versteege said...

Thanks! For the landscape, a passing storm was the main idea, glad that came across.